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The posters in the outlet centre were very effective in publicising...
Regards Richard Palusinski Head of Community Safety Swindon Community Safety Partnership
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Venue owners

Washroom advertising is the ultimate ambient medium. It's truly unmissable for every customer who uses your toilets…and advertisers know that. That’s why they are prepared to pay space on your walls. Many top venues have already discovered the benefits of having washroom advertising.

Benefits that include:

  • A valuable source of revenue for your business
  • No investment or costs for your business
  • No distraction from running your core business

Here at Positive Media Marketing, we have years of experience in providing washroom advertising to a range of advertisers and across a range of venues. We have the contacts to sell into the big national advertisers and the experience to cope with the logistical demands of multi-site poster advertising.

With Positive Media Marketing’s approach, we have been able to enjoy the reward of an additional source of income, without having to invest time or develop the skills needed to sell the space. We have always found Positive Media Marketing to be efficient and would have no hesitation in recommending their services to you.

Paul Driscoll, Marketing Manager, Southend Theatres

Positive Media Marketing is offering you a business opportunity that needs no investment and makes a minimal demand on your resources. We provide the installation of the frames, we do all the marketing to advertisers, we do all the selling to advertisers, and we cover all the logistics of poster production and distribution.

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