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Washroom advertising…probably the most effective media ever invented!

Welcome to this special report for Main Dealerships compiled so that you can see how successful washroom advertising will be for your business.

Washroom advertising is incredibly effective and provides stunning value for money for the following reasons:

  • An audience of thousands of brand conscious consumers who will see your message seven days a week, 364 days a year.
  • 57% are aged 25 to 55. 66% are ABC1s
  • A totally captive audience who have nothing better to look at
  • An average dwell time in front of your poster of around two minutes means you can convey longer and more convincing messages
  • Guaranteed gender specific!
  • No other media can match this for price and value for money

We deliver exceptional advertising opportunities to our clients. Just look at some of our ‘Positive’ testimonials to see what they think. We have more than 25 commercially important designer outlets and shopping centres across the UK with over 2 million shoppers every week. We can help you deliver your message to thousands of potential customers every week.

We are confident that once you have tried washroom advertising for your dealership, we will soon be working in a long term partnership that will benefit your business by increasing awareness and sales, so please ‘give us a try’.

Warmest regards and fingers crossed,

Simon Grant, also Known as Mr. Positive!
M.D. Positive Media Marketing
P.S. This captive advertising works so well because it is un-missable!