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We are delighted with our advertising with Positive Media, we have...
Fiona Paterson, Marketing Manager, Wildwood Trust
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Ten ideas for your dealership

Washroom advertising is a unique medium in the world of out-of-home and ambient marketing. Because of the long dwell times, you can convey much more of your message and in greater depth than with other media.

Adrian Rogers, Sales Manager, says, "…any advertising handbook will tell you that posters have to be short. No more than five words for the headline and not many more for the ‘call to action’. No phone numbers or complicated instructions for getting in touch. Outdoor advertising has to be short and simple. Well, Positive Media’s washroom advertising tears up that rulebook."

"Your Dealership can get promotions over in complete and persuasive detail" says Adrian, "you can list customer benefits, you can provide depth and meaning to your adverts. You can make them 100% gender specific. You can use ‘toilet humour’ to match the location. You can even give them details such as email addresses and phone numbers. They are there long enough to take it all in, and even put your number in their mobile if they want to remember it for later. You can even provide a QR code for them to scan with their smart phone."

Just think of the benefits of being able to add all that detail and persuasive copy the next time you want to:

Washroom advertising offers you the chance to provide a longer message at incredible value for money rates. See how our rate card compares to other media.