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Why washroom advertising works

…and why it will work for your dealership

Washroom advertising is the ideal medium for your dealership. It delivers an audience that meets your needs and a medium that makes you really stand out.

Simon Grant, MD at Positive, says, “Designer outlets have been a feature of the UK’s retail scene since 1993 and have become a huge part of the shopping experience for many people. They particularly attract brand conscious consumers who want to be sure of getting the quality of genuine brands. Our 600 posters in more than 25 of the most important centres can be seen by an average of 2 million customers a week, that’s 104 million every year.

And they won’t be flashing past a poster on the side of a bus shelter. They will be staring at and reading your advert for an average of over two minutes. That’s why you can give them more information than on normal poster advertising. Independent research has shown exceptionally high levels of recall, not just of posters but of four or more selling points from individual posters.”

Some advertisers hesitate at the idea of putting their brand into toilets,’ says Adrian Rogers, Sales Manager, ‘but what new advertisers soon realise is that these are prime locations. The Outlets know that they are providing a whole experience, not just shopping, with food and other attractions. The toilets are always modern, well-lit and clean. An ideal environment for promoting any brand.”

Yours’ is a brand that attracts customers who are younger, successful, brand conscious, image aware, and still spending in these difficult times. Positive Media’s designer outlets deliver:

57% age 25 – 55

79% travelling by car

68% visiting at least monthly and seeing your message repeatedly

66% ABC1s

A3 Washroom Advertising Survey Headlines

West Lothian College

35% noticed ads
44% recalled posters
34% remembered message

West End Skills Shop

57% noticed ads
56% recalled posters
50% understood message