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Proof that this advertising works

Independent research shows fantastic dwell times and recall

Every marketing manager knows that there is only one true test of marketing effectiveness –impact on the bottom line! But every marketing manager also knows that testing advertising media, messages, designs and so many other factors is the only way to truly know how well any medium is working.

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Simon Grant, MD of Positive Media Marketing says, "We have always been very aware of the importance of research to ensure the effectiveness of washroom advertising, and to help our clients develop the best campaigns".

Every advertiser has their own needs, so Positive Media Marketing provides a flexible ad-hoc service to their customers. "We carry out research on the effectiveness of our media. This allows our clients to test how well campaigns stand out. We use independent research companies to check that our posters are being noticed and use prompted and unprompted recall methods to evaluate the effectiveness of a campaign".

It’s not just local research that tells the tale of washroom advertising. American studies pointed the way to how effective a medium it is. A study by Barbour and Monroe for the Rice University in Texas showed that washroom advertising can provide astonishing results in terms of recall and awareness raising, and gave clues as to the long dwell times that the posters achieve.

"Normally you see a poster as you flash past in a car or on the bus and you only have a couple of seconds to take it in. When you are reading a magazine you will often skim past the adverts, and will almost certainly flip the page after a few seconds. The research carried out in America shows just how long people are exposed to the adverts while they are in a cubicle, or washing their hands. It is this long dwell time with a captive audience that makes washroom such a powerful medium and gives advertisers the chance to get more selling points across.

Remember that your business can take advantage of a research service whenever they want, with a survey specifically designed to test the effectiveness of your own posters and campaign."