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Slash your advertising costs

How do we compare to other media?

We know that your dealership needs to make sure that you are getting value for money, so we thought you might like to compare our rates with some of your other options.

"If you compare our prices against all other media – radio, newspapers or magazines, we come out tops!. We are less than half the price of newspapers and even less compared to radio advertising’ says Adrian Rogers, Sales Manager

  Cost Spots Length Audience Cost per Thousand
National Daily £55,500 1 page 1 day 2,806,746 £19.77
National Sunday £55,800 1 page 1 day 1,927,791 £28.95
Radio £13,250 260 spots 20 seconds 404,000 £32.80
Washroom Advertising £4800 32 posters 12 months 1,405,000 £3.42

NotesCalculation: 2,810,000 pw /4 (toilet user estimate) = 702,500 *52 (weeks) = 36,530,000 /26 (centres) = 1,405,000. Cpm = £4800/1405 = 3.42

Great Returns

"And you have to remember just how effective washroom advertising is,

The Barbour & Monroe survey said:

"Retention of impressions generated by washroom displays was found to be an average of 40% stronger than by other media".

When you combine this with the incredibly competitive cost per thousand, you can see why washroom media really stands out.

Recent research on one of our client campaigns shows the levels of return on investment that you can expect: 60% unprompted awareness, 50% recall of the campaign messages, when compared to many other media, these are exceptional returns for the advertising spend."